2 L@d!es F!ght Over A M@n Inside LAGBUS In Lagos

lagos t1An eyewitness said he was in a Lagos red bus popularly called LAGBUS from Ojota going to CMS when these two l@dies who boarded together started fighting. What happened? One said h3r friend collected h3r b0yfr!end’s phone number. Read how the eyewitness chronicled the saga:

“See me see wahala o. Na so i enter this bus from Ojota going to the Island, CMS to be precised. Basically, these two l@d!es boarded at Ojota but I noticed they were arguing with each other as they entered the bus. lagos t2

The bigger one said something like ‘wa se ma gba number e leyin me?’ O mo pe b0yfr!end mi ni, ode gba number e. Ashewo’!

A rough translation; Why would you collect h!s number, you knew h3 is my b0yfr!end and you still took h!s phone number behind my back. You Pr0st!tute’.

The other l@dy replied, ‘Ma pe me lasewo”, [stop calling me a Pr0st!tute’.

The next thing i can remember is that they began be@ting each other. The bigger stature l@dy pegged the other one against the seat and was slapping h3r like a b@by. Only a few pe0ple cared to separate them as they both look like street g!rls.”

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